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Dana Tupinambá

September 20, 2015

Dana Tupinambásteel & nylon string guitars, vocals.

Dana Tupinambá creates a very atmospheric and meditative soundscape with her music, exploring a diverse range of possibilities of her two acoustic guitars (steel and nylon string) and combines her brilliant fingerpicking with extended use of delay and with her delicate and angelic voice. Her music is sometimes entirely instrumental, sometimes with poetic lyrics, always with the idea of finding new ways for her ambient songs.


“Wonderful guitarist and an original songwriter.” (Psychedelic Folk, Belgium)

“A naturally gifted singer/songwriter.” (Critical Jazz, USA)

“Profound guitarist and subtle composer.” (Akustik Gitarre, Germany)

“The musician is as stylish in classical and Latin American contexts as she is in Folk and Celtic music.” (Akustik Gitarre, Germany)

„Highly talented artist.” (MICA, Austria)

“Exquisite guitarist and singer.” (Heaven magazine, Netherlands)

“A guitarist with a lovely voice.” (Terrascope, UK)

“The music of Dana Tupinambá is wonderfully quiet and relaxing.” (Kulturwoche, Austria)

“Her debut album is full of tenderness, beauty, gentle melodies and love. Very remarkable and fine album with beautiful artistic statement.” (SK Jazz, Slovakia)

“Dana Tupinambá delighted the audience with beautiful musical performance.” (TV Poprad, Slovakia)

“A super talent.” (Jazzzeit, Austria)

“A full-blooded musician.” (Concerto, Austria)

“The music of Dana Tupinambá is very rich in harmony and rhythm.” (ORF, Austria)

composed by Dana Tupinambá
composed by Dana Tupinambá
composed by Dana Tupinambá
composed by Dana Tupinambá
ENTRE DOIS CORAÇÕES (Between Two Hearts)
composed by Dana Tupinambá
SONG FOR NICK (tribute to Nick Drake)
arranged by Dana Tupinambá
THE GNOME (Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd)
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[TS_VCSC_Soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/danatupinamba/rain-of-peace”]
[TS_VCSC_Soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/danatupinamba/speaking-with-jaco”]

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