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D ana Tupinambá is a multilingual singer/songwriter, composer and guitarist from Košice, Slovakia, currently living in Vienna, Austria. Dana comes from an artistic family and she fell in love with music and poetry since her childhood, exploring diverse range of musical styles such as Early and classical music, folk, rock, Brazilian and Portuguese music, Celtic music and British folk as well as jazz and blues where she finds the inspirations for her own music and songwriting. Her released albums “Rain of Peace” (2006) and “Leaf” (2012) gained acclaimed critics from all over the world. She creates a special atmospheric soundscape with her music, exploring diverse possibilities of her two guitars (steel and nylon string) and of her delicate voice.

Press Reviews:

“Dana Tupinambá is a naturally gifted singer/songwriter with the ability to turn a phrase or lyric if you will on a dime and take you in a totally different direction then one thought possible. Contemporary yet eclectic. Organic yet with well-placed pop sensibilities has the release has major cross over potential. A performing artist seeking that lost chord, a sonic awareness and most importantly, finding that musical spirituality that dells within us all. A magnificent release. (Brent Black)” – Critical Jazz, USA

“Leaf” is the latest release from singer-songwriter, Dana Tupinamba and a remarkable album it is too. Songwriting in your own language is difficult enough, writing in a number of languages well worthy of mention, particularly when you make the album sound complete, not a collection of disparate songs. My personal favourite is the Nick Drake tribute, “Song For Nick”, but this is an album that seems to have something for everyone, it really is an album that encompasses the spirit of world music. (Neil King) – FATEA Magazine, England UK

“A haunting, wordless vocal, guitar and cello open “Leaf” by Dana Tupinambá, whose new album manages to be restful, mysterious and enlightening all at once. She is a guitarist of fluency too, with a lovely voice, and the songs here seem to drift through nature in a very attractive way. Recorded with skill and commitment over two to three years, this album is a must for world music fans, those who veer towards the new age section but dislike the sickly sentimentality of most of that genre, or who just want something of depth and grace. Very good indeed. (Simon Lewis)” – TERRASCOPE, Enland UK

“Recorded in several countries, this album also has something of a few different inspirations. In the first half we have at least two songs, which show Dana’s open vision and intuitive feeling for the right track on love and life energy, improvising a bit, with wonderful guitar and voice. With her band she improvises with her guitar work, there’s a bit of jazz (flugelhorn, piano,..) in the improvisation and a tendency towards more Latin atmospheres. And then we have two English songs, which I think show an original sound of a songwriter. The inspirations given to Nick Drake in “Song For Nick” are like a personal letter to him, a tribute in the guitar work, some strings in the arrangements, this could almost reach him to beyond. The production is wonderful and the arrangements are well done. A fine album worth discovering. (Gerald Van Waes)” – PSYCHEDELIC FOLK, Belgium

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