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Original blend of lyrical, melodic and atmospheric songs from guitarist, composer and singer/songwriter Dana Tupinambá in Portuguese and English with a melancholy mood, delicate vocals and sensitive guitar playing. Warm and melodic music with echoes of Brazilian groove and psychedelic atmosphere.

All Lyrics & Music by Dana Tupinambá (AKM)

©2012 Produced by Dana Tupinambá for Rainriver Music.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rudi Mille at Artis Studio, Vienna, Austria (2009-2011).
Additional recordings at RS Studio by Ronaldo Saggiorato, São Paulo, Brazil (November 2009/January 2011); at Saci Studio by Fernando Silva, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (11th Mai 2011); by MárcioTubino, Munich, Germany (June 2009) and by Bruno Aranha, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil (9th August 2011).
Viola da Gamba, Cello and Strings recorded at Tom Ton Studio, Vienna, Austria on 18th May 2011 by Rudi Mille.
‘Tatry’ recorded live at iPop Studio, Vienna, Austria on 10th April 2006 by Rudi Mille.
Graphic design and photos by Productions/Ing. Hausmann, Vienna, Austria.

Rain of Peace - 2006

Dana Tupinamba CD Rain of Peace

A fine blend of the lyrical and atmospheric songs from young composer/songwriter Dana Tupinambá with heavenly sweet voice and delicate guitar playing featuring the finest trumpet player Matthieu Michel. A warm and melodic music.

All Lyrics & Music by Dana Tupinambá (AKM)

©2006 Produced by Dana Tupinambá for PG Records.